The Big Bundle

Milk: Standard Milk


Save time picking and let us put together a large weekly essentials bundle for you!

Milk: Standard or Oat

Apples x 6
Pears x 6
Clementines Pack
Bananas 1kg
Strawberries 250g
Blueberries 125g

Sweet Potatoes
Garlic Net
Lettuce Head
Broccoli head
Peppers Mixed 3pk
Onions Brown 500g

Firehouse Sourdough Bread

Kerrigan’s Essentials Bundle;
4 x Irish Chicken Fillets
4 x Wagyu West Cork Beef Burgers
4 x Minty Lamb Burgers
1 x Premium Beef Mince 400g
1 x Breaded Chicken Goujons 400g
1 x 400g Traditional Pork Sausage 
1 x 200g Dry Cured Rashers 




Please Note: Contents may change slightly based on availability and seasonality.

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