StaySafe Masks 50pk Made In Ireland

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Proudly made in Ireland, Stay Safe face masks are comfortable, safe, and disposable – ideal for protecting you and others in your community. Suitable for everyday use, the mask’s three-layer design provides filters out more than 98% of bacteria.

StaySafe masks are highly breathable, splash-resistant, and made of a soft non-woven material to make them as comfortable as possible if you need to wear them for a long period of time. (Here’s the science bit: the mask has a polypropylene filter with a bacterial filtration rate of more than 98%.) 

Although they’re of similar quality to medical-grade products, and are CE-approved, these masks are a consumer product. Our idea is to make them convenient and suitable for everyday use, not for medical or surgical needs. Not all masks are the same: our products are not respirators for infectious control, nor are they N95 masks like the ones you’ve probably heard about. 

Packed in sealed boxes of 50 masks.

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