Bentley Organic Handwash Lavender 150ml



This sulfate free Deep Cleansing Bodywash is designed to cleanse your skin without stripping it from its natural moisture balance. It is enriched with Eucalyptus oil and Tea Tree oil known for their antibacterial and purifying properties.

Blended with essential oils to cleanse and moisturise your skin, our Organic Body Washes suit a range of moods and requirements.

Our Deep Cleansing Bodywash uses Olive, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils to provide you with a deep and refreshing cleanse. Olive essential oil moisturises the skin, whilst Tea Tree naturally cleanses and Eucalyptus adds a gentle but refreshing aroma. This Organic Deep Cleansing Bodywash is produced with certified organic ingredients on our site in England and blended with the finest organic essential oils. We vow never to include artificial colours or fragrances, with all our colour and scent coming from natural sources.

Soil Association certification means that you can guarantee this product has come from approved suppliers, strengthening our traceability and offering a transparency in our label that is not available in a lot of conventional products on the market. Dermatological testing provides you with a reassurance that this product will be as gentle on your skin as it is for the Earth. And it’s approved by the Vegan Society too!

Check out some of our customer reviews below;

“Good quality organic body wash product for my partner who only uses good organic products.”

“Really good value and the consistency of the product is just right. Nothing nasty in this bottle so anyone should be able to use it and I’m happy for our son to.”

“The ingredients in this body wash are truly what they say they are; organic/natural as opposed to synthetic. The smell is how you would expect it to smell and I find it acceptable. It lathers up well and gets you squeaky clean; literally. There is no moisturising residue left on the body, but I don’t find it drying on the skin. Sometimes you just need a nice body wash that is going to get you really clean and fresh and this one does that very well. I would buy this brand again as the price is good for this type of body wash.”

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