Healthy Week Bundle



Take the hassle out of picking all of your weekly health needs and let us make a bundle for you!

Turkey Burgers 4pk x 1
Beef Mince 400g x 1
Chicken Fillets 4pk x 1
Striploin Steak 2pk x 1

Sweet Potato Tray x 1
Broccoli Head x 1
Courgette x 1
Peppers x 3
Garlic x 1
Rocket PP x 1
Lettuce Head x 1
Onion Red 500g x 1
Tomatoes Round 6pk x 1

Roma Basmati Rice 1kg x 1
Dececco Penne Pasta 1kg x 1
Free Range Eggs 6pk x 1
Cali Cali Sauce x 1
Dececco Pasta Sauce x 1
Asian Home Gourmet Stir Fry Sauce x 1
Rice Cakes 100g PP x 2

Please Note: Contents may change slightly based on availability and seasonality.

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