Introducing our newest Dublin food producer, Too Savage

In our 7 stores across Greater Dublin and in our online store we have a huge range of products of Irish artisan food and drink producers.

We believe strongly in supporting these businesses.

Our philosophy is to cut the market entry barriers that many of these businesses face when trying to get shelf space. Fresh The Good Food Market is known for introducing many new Irish food and beverage brands to the market in record time.

Introducing our newest supplier - Too Savage

One of our newest artisan suppliers is 'Too Savage', a Dublin based, plant based company.

Founded in 2020 by Conor Bacon, Too Savage's goal is to create and provide tasty food products made entirely from plants.

Too Savage maintains a strong aesthetic towards street culture.

They were born and grew up in Dublin's north inner city in North Strand, where they grew up skating the streets with no skateparks around, and playing heads and volleys with Croke Park towering over their heads. 

Too Savage's driving ambition is to educate everyone on the beauty of plant based cooking.

Their philosophy is that it doesn't matter what your dietary requirements are, their products are just as, if not more tastier, than any other product on the market.

They have experience and expertise in foraging local vegetables and also have spent more than 7 years in the specialty coffee industry, competing and innovating at the highest level.

Too Savage's social media is their chosen medium for sharing their expertise.

About their first product

Their first product is 'Too Savage Spicy Mayo'. 

The producer wanted to create a versatile mayo/sauce that could be enjoyed as a condiment with almost anything. A new food cupboard staple.

It is not a new product in their view. They've actually been making this sauce for years and Conor distinctively remembers his brother saying that it was "Savvvvvage"... hence the name!

It has a carefully selected blend of spices that merge together in unison creating an explosive flavour profile; hot yet creamy. Packed with aromatic spices complimenting each other and balanced with the right amount of acidity. It also doesn't leave you feeling bloated due to its natural flavours including nutritional yeast which contains B12.

Sounds good? Check it out: 


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