The Biona Story - Supplier Focus

 The Biona story begins in the 1970s on the west coast of Ireland, where co-founder Noel was learning to live off the land. Passion for respectfully grown produce firmly established, he moved to London to open one of the country’s earliest organic focused shops: Windmill Wholefoods in Fulham. A year later a vegetarian, wholefood restaurant was added, providing delicious healthy lunch and suppers.

There, Noel met fellow organic advocate Donata. With their shared motivation to bring the benefits of organic to more people, the pair went on to found one of the UK’s first organic company, Windmill Organics. The company’s first brand would be about purely organic, ethically, and sustainably sourced food. Delicious food. They named it Biona: Bio being the root of the word for ‘organic’ in many languages, and na from ‘nature’.

Biona’s very first product, granola, was developed in the restaurant kitchen in London. Biona has a steadily expanding range: from organic basics such as Biona Butter Beans ,sustainably-grown Italian chopped tomatoes through speciality ingredients, and decadent but all-natural coconut oil, made from sun-drenched coconuts, ethically grown on biodiverse organic farms.

All Biona products are grown on organic land to the highest welfare and environmental standards. The result? Premium quality, nutrient-packed ingredients, but also enhanced - rather than depleted - soil quality. Waterways free from chemical leaching. Protected wildlife. And food you can trust, that’s free from GMO, preservatives, and artificial pesticides*.

This means Biona’s customers know that they’re investing in all the benefits organic brings to the environment, from reduced greenhouse gas emissions to greater biodiversity and healthier soil.

Noel and Donata still play an active role in the business, alongside their two daughters and a growing community who make every day happen. They consider it an extended-family affair:

“The Biona Organic family reaches far beyond the founders and our co-workers, it also includes our loyal customers, as together we build a future based on trust and protecting nature” 

- Noel, founder of Biona