Supplier Feature: The Delicious Food Company

This week we feature one of our neighbours, The Delicious Food Company,  who are based only steps away from our store in Smithfield.

We speak to owners Shirley and Derek, about working with the Fresh team, and most recently collaborating with Fresh's Head of Retail Operations Derek Dunne and the team on New Product Development.



My business The Delicious Food Co, has been a supplier to Fresh the Good Food Market for over ten years. We first started supplying small salad pots to Smithfield which we made in our kitchen around the corner.

The team at Fresh asked me to supply our sandwich sandwiches as a pre-packed option, which until then we only delivered to offices in sandwich platters.

Over the years Fresh encouraged us to think bigger about our business & in 2018 were asked to produce all sandwiches for Fresh under their brand, a contract that transformed our business.

When Covid hit & all our corporate business disappeared, I approached Derek about producing hummus & pesto again under the Fresh brand.

We worked together to produce a range of dips which are now on sale in all the Fresh stores.

A conversation about my team packing Granola for Fresh ultimately resulted in us producing a tailor made Granola in 3 flavours for the stores which has been a great success.

Over the years I have been involved with Fresh, they have supported hundreds of fledgling Irish producers by giving them shelf space, help & advice with the products as well.

Whenever I meet a new producer looking to start life in retail I suggest they speak to the team at Fresh. 

The team are constantly innovating, supporting new producers, and helping their existing Irish producers to grow.

The Fresh group are an integral & important part of the Irish food producer scene & its my privilege to be part of their team & vision.

Shirley O’Rourke

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