Supplier Feature: SiSú

In this week's supplier feature, we shine a light on SiSú and its founders Brian & Fiona McGann.

Introduction to SiSú
SiSú is a fully Irish owned award-winning wellness drinks company producing a range of organic kombucha, wellness shots & juices.

The business is driven by a passion for using the power of natural, raw, plant-based foods, to fuel, and even heal, our bodies. The pharmacy of the future, you might say.

The McGann family wanted to make that achievable for everyone! And so SiSú was born.

Behind the word 'sisu'

“SiSú” comes from the Finnish philosophy of "what must be done, will be done, regardless of what it takes". SiSú embodies all the values that Brian and Fiona apply in their lives, and this philosophy has been critical on the journey to bring our customers the best tasting, most nutritious plant-based drinks on the market.

We are passionate that the road to better energy, health and wellbeing is paved with plant based ingredients. This passion and belief drives us every day, from how we create new products, to delivering refrigerated fresh drinks, directly to your door.

The SiSú product range at Fresh The Good Food Market

In Fresh we have our full range of cold-pressed juice, wellness shots and our organic kombucha.

These products contain all the unique, nutritional benefits of raw, plant-based ingredients, handcrafted to taste incredible.

SiSú’s cold pressed wellness shots pack a massive punch with plant-based goodness in every single one.

Vitamins C & D are powerful for your immune system, and support the health of your muscle, bones, teeth, skin & gums, strengthen immunity and combat fatigue – the all-rounders of vitamins.

SiSu’s Vitamin D and Vitamin C shots provide your full Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) in one little bottle!

Our Ginger & Turmeric shots provide the benefits of nature’s own remedies for thousands of years, straight from your fridge.

Our extensive range of cold-pressed juices deliver on our promise of goodness guaranteed, giving all the benefits of raw, plant-based ingredients, cold-pressed to maintain the nutrients in every juice. No additional heat, oxygen or pasteurisation is used in the process, to literally maximise the goodness in every drop.

SiSú’s organic Kombucha range are delicious, naturally fizzy, fermented drinks with unique nutritional benefits, handcrafted to perfection and well known to aid gut health and improve digestion.

Kombucha has been brewed for thousands of years, and is traditionally known to aid digestion and gut health. With SiSu’s Kombucha, we’ve taken everything that’s made Kombucha so legendary – living cultures and organic acids, and brought you even more great tasting options to enjoy. 

“We have always believed that food has a huge impact on people’s health and vitality, there’s such a world of opportunity where food meets health. Everyone wants to live long, full lives, so how we fuel our health is more important than ever.” Fiona McGann

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