Our chefs and our bakery teams - the real foodies.

What is a business without the people behind it, making it all happen?

Our new extended range of own brand meals have been carefully developed by our team of chefs. They are pictured above.

They're the people behind our chef prepared meals. We now have no less than 31 products in the Fresh own brand range. These include starters, main meals, sides, sharing plates and pizzas. 

They have introduced new main 'heat & eat' meals, inspired by Asia, India and classic European cuisines. New healthier options have been added, vegan meals and higher protein meals make up the full range. 

Did we say they taste great yet?! They do, and they're available across our stores and online here 

Well done team! Your work will result in a welcome break for our customers to hang up the chef apron some nights and take a break from the endless home cooking.


Our star team of bakers at 'Baked' are responsible for producing our fantastic range of bakery products, cupcakes, celebration cakes, patisserie and seasonal treats. They've been busy too with expanding this range, with a particular focus on seasonal products and for one off events. 

The 'Baked' team have taken the humble cupcake into the 21st century with some real show-stoppers which our customers LOVE!

Here they are:

and the limited edition range of cupcakes? Here:

and decadent cakes to devour:

Look out for these great own brand products next time you are in-store or online with us.

You can be assured to great quality, that freshly made taste, and value from our foodie teams at Fresh The Good Food Market.

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