Launch of Virgin Media TV star's ChanChan product range

We are now stocking the full ChanChan product range from Michelin trained and Virgin Media TV chef Kwanghi Chan.

The ChanChan range of sauces, rayus, dips and seasonings, and his famous black garlic range will really add new flavours and options for your favourite dishes.

We are looking forward to trying Ireland's Original Spice Bag seasoning and the black garlic products!

in 2021 Kwanghi won RTE's 'Food Truck Of The Year' with his 'Bites by Kwanghi' offer.

His 'Bites' concept is now present in 2 Fresh stores - Fresh Capital Dock, and Fresh Camden Street.  To make a reservation, click here.

Here is what the industry has to say about the ChanChan range:

"My lunch guests tell me that the spice bag is excellent in comparison to others they have encountered, and it is definitely tasty - with deep-fried shards of duck, skinny chips, green and red peppers, scallions and chillies all tossed together in the ChanChan mix, which majors on Korean hot pepper. There are some sesame seeds in there too, and the whole is a seductive combination that's perhaps appreciated even more after a feed of pints".

Katy McGuinness, food, travel and lifestyle

The Irish Independent

"ChanChan Hong Kong Black Garlic Street Sauce! Missing the tastes of his native Hong Kong Donegal resident Kwanghi Chan- you’ve probably seen him cooking up a storm on TV3’s The Six O’Clock Show - created this magical condiment, which is as fab in Irish Stew as it is in Asian stir-fries. Also keep your eyes peeled for his Spice Bag Seasonings and brand spanking new Black Garlic Paste"

Stuart Clark

Deputy Editor Hot Press Magazine

"It's not often you come across a sauce in stores made by a guy who ran a Michelin starred kitchen. Proud to have known Kwanghi since we were teens at college. The Viewmount Kitchen is never without a wee bottle of this gear and we've used it for the staff din din's ( a serious table of fussy eaters every day by the way) in everything from a dipping sauce to a wee marinate and as a finishing sauce. A very unique flavour and my new go to for handy bites. Give it a wee rattle if you come across it in your local shops. Thank me later"!

Gary O Hanlon

Viewmount House


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You can try Kwanghi's Spice Bag recipe here: