Crafty plans brewing for the weekend

Our off licence department 'The Wine Barrel' regularly receives great new beers and wine, keeping our range fresh and on trend. We love to inform our customers of these new 'finds' when they are in-store.

If you keep an eye on our social media, every Friday we issue our recommendations for interesting craft beers and wine for you to try. 

Here are some very special beers that our wine buyer Mark has highlighted this week:

White Hag Festa Nuda: A 9% barrel-aged imperial irish coffee pastry stout. Rich, sweet and creamy with flavours of whiskey, vanilla, caramel, brown sugar, coffee and roasted hazelnuts!

Verdant Putty: A stunning 8% DIPA from Verdant Brewing in Cornwall, UK. This juicy, tropical giant shows notes of mango, citrus, peach and earthy pines. We are very lucky to have 10 of their beers arriving to our shops this week. It would be very hard not to mention Verdant when speaking about the best breweries that the UK has to offer.

Trouble Brewing Pozzo: A clean, crisp 6.6% full-bodied pale ale bursting with flavour. Incredibly well balanced beer from Trouble Brewing in Kildare. Definitely one of the best Irish beers this year!

Yellowbelly Mashtun Millionaires: A chardonnay barrel aged pale ale from Yellowbelly in Wexford. A rare style executed very well showing dry crisp notes of apricot, apple and orange blossom. Very refreshing!

Enjoy responsibly.

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