Blanco Niño - Inspired by Mexico. Made in Tipperary.

We now carry the full range of Irish made Blanco Niño corn tortillas.

Blanco Niño founder Phil travelled to Mexico on a mission to learn how to make the most authentic corn tortillas. Visiting the milpas, molinos and tortillerias, he learnt the ancient cooking process known as 'nixtamalisation', that gives corn tortillas their unique flavour.

Inspired by the tastes and traditions of Mexico, Phil returned to Ireland and in 2015, along with a great team, he opened the doors to the Tortilleria in Tipperary.

With authenticity being a strong characteristic of their ethos, Blanco Niño’s ingredients are sourced from heritage farmers in Mexico. From Ancho chillies to the ancient grain, Amaranth, Blanco Niño’s tortilla chips are tasty, crunchy and truly authentic.

About their first product

Seasoned with salt from the Mayan flats in Celestún, their Lightly Salted tortilla chips were the first of their range of tortilla chips, launched in 2020. They partnered with a social enterprise there whose mission is to promote traditional and sustainable salt harvesting practices. The non-profit organisation helps to support ancient Mayan communities by maintaining the indigenous ingredients of the region which are an integral part of their culture. The crunchy and lightly salted tortilla chips are paired deliciously with a bevy and Phil’s go-to guacamole recipe.

The new additions

In April 2021, they launched two new additions to their tortilla chips family, Ancient Grain and Chilli & Lime. Their Chilli & Lime tortilla chips feature the smokey, dried fruit flavour of Ancho Chilli, complemented with the sharp citrus flavour of lime juice. The chillies used in their Chilli & Lime tortilla chips are sourced from farmers in Puebla, which is the home of some of Mexico’s richest culinary heritage and the most incredible Ancho chillies.

For their Ancient Grain tortilla chips, they source Amaranth from a little place called Milpa Alta just outside Mexico City. There they work with heritage farmers who have been growing Amaranth for generations on a farm that overlooks Lake Texcoco. Their Ancient Grain tortilla chips have been getting a lot of great feedback due to their beautifully distinguished dark blue colour - which they get from blue corn, the base of our Ancient Grain tortilla chips. They are slightly earthy and sweet in flavour with their colour making a bold statement on any plate.

Blanco Niño are dedicated to producing the very best products possible, using all natural and authentic cooking methods, while working and supporting heritage producers in Mexico. These efforts have resulted in a product that is true to its origin - made with love and an appreciation for Mexican food and tradition. Their tortilla chips also happen to be gluten-free, vegan-friendly and made with all natural ingredients.

“As one of our first partners, and great supporters of Irish producers and products, we couldn’t be happier to be able to work with all the Fresh team” - Phil Martin, Founder and CEO of Blanco Niño

You can find more tasty recipes and read the Blanco Niño story on their website.

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